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VEIN - Debut Album
Ahhh, comedic rock. These guys fall into the same category as Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles. Great funny music. I would'nt call it pure rock or metal or punk or whatever, I mean, look at the lounge-ish flavored "Surreal Killer". The subject matter for the songs are great, nice and funny. "Disgruntled Employee" being about, well a disgruntled employee wanting to kill his co-workers, of course there's the blatant "I'm telling you / I'm goin' postal" reference. I could have heard in some of the songs riffs lifted from Iron Maiden or even some classic rock chord progressions, but rather thinking that sucked, I think it rocked! These guys are pretty funny and the way I ended up seeing them was that, they're a bunch of really good musicians and they just can't decide what sort of music to play, so they play what they want. And that's cool, I really admire them for not sticking to one style.

The beautiful people at Rectal Records undoudtedly possess a gift for finding those bands that can be appreciated by fans of both punk and metal. Vein's debut can easily be compared to punk rock masterpieces like BLACK FLAG'S "Damaged" or "SUICIDAL TENDENCIES' "Join the Army", although it contains heavy metal guitar work that reflects KISS' Ace Frehley and METALLICA's Kirk Hammett.
The disc opens with "MEDIA LIES", a steady cruncher that fast became a college radio staple due to vocalist/lyricist Dirty George's blast: "Who cares if it's fact or fiction?/As long as it feeds the public's addiction." Except for a quick u-turn into experimental-ville ("SURREAL KILLER"), this album progresses like a top shelf porno flick: It gets harder and faster each cut! From the semi-autobiographical "DISGRUNTLED EMPL0YEE" and the horrific "BETTY" ("Bought some rubbers for the party tonight/You think you'll get lucky...yeah right/Wait'll you see whats in store for you/She's four hundred pounds with nothing to do!")to the Just for Kicks Film Co. homage (I thought you said there'd be no drugs!)opening "3D INSURANCE SCAM" (originally released as a 7' single titled ("DRINKIN' DRUGIN'& DRIVIN')
and the track selected recently to kick off a L.I. compilation,"KILL ME", this album tears off the listener's head and defecates down their larynx: the infamous Joe Orgera pummels with his bass playing, "geetarist" Vinny makes the incision with his razor sharp leads and postal worker/BLEEDING HEMEROIDS drummer Mike (Ladies, he's a Phil Collins look-alike!) Culkin spreads his cheeks and lets it pour with a first rate solo (and album closer) dedicated to his father's brother's manhood, "UNCLE SNAKE".
Packaged with an illustration of a slut-packed car racing away with an open truck filled with beers and ice and a photograph of one of their toilet-bowl guitars, VEIN's premiere CD leaves their hardcore audience anxiously awaiting their second sophomoric slice-of-life. And if you haven't seen this band live yet, you've got an easy New Year's resolution!

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"White Trash Barbeque"
This nine song attack on the senses brings to life all of the seediness and darkness of suburban life as we know it. With songs ranging from full-blown hardcore to a classic Kiss sound with an X-rated touch, Bleeding Hemeroids does not hold back in the least. they unleash destuction upon you from note one.
The first track, "AMERICA NEEDS AN ENEMA", is a solid force
of chainsaw-like sound which sets a perfect tone for what's to follow on this tape. The title track,"WHITE TRASH BARBEQUE", should definitely be considered as the anthem for all those Independence Day gatherings that end up in firework mishaps caused by that drunken uncle. This is rock and roll without subleties, metaphors and artsy symbolism.
Bleeding Hemeroids make their point quite clear, hard and powerful, musically and lyrically.
We've all been to a white trash barbeque, now listen to the soundtrack.