This nine song attack on the senses brings to life all the seediness and darkness of suburban life as we know it. With songs ranging from full-blown hardcore to a classic Kiss sound with an x-rated touch,BLEEDING HEMEROIDS does not hold back in the least. They unleash destruction upon you from note one. The first track, "AMERICA NEEDS AN ENEMA", is a solid force chainsaw-like sound which sets a perfect tone for what's to follow on this album. The title track, "WHITE TRASH BARBEQUE", should defintely be considered as the anthem for all those Independence Day gatherings that end up in foreworks mishaps caused by that crazy drunken uncle. This is rock and roll without subtleties,metaphors and artsy symbolism. BLEEDING HEMEROIDS make their point quite clear, hard and powerful, musically and lyrically. We're all been to a white trash barbeque, now listen to the soundtrack. K-TIP. LONG ISLAND ENTERTAINMENT MARCH 1998

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